SVPER ORDINARY Gallery + Retail space, located at The Source open air market in Denver, encourages objects of art and design to find their place in our everyday environments. Here, the gallery and retail spaces exist as symbiotic entities, shaping a larger experience of curated, artful living. Each item is carefully considered and has been pulled from a global network of artists and designers to compliment each and every art show.

Since 2010, SVPER ORDINARY (previously, Super Ordinary Gallery) has been exhibiting emerging modern and contemporary artists from its pop-up location in Denver’s RiNo Art District. This November, the well-regarded art space will open anew as SVPER ORDINARY in The Source open air market, while adding two new partners to the mix. SVPER ORDINARY, undergoing a brand refresh, has evolved the original gallery and art aspect to include a highly-curated collection of beautifully designed home goods and accessories with an emphasis on artful living- the idea that the objects we encounter in our everyday lives can be appreciated as a highly crafted works of art or an experience informed by design. This new direction signals not only the growth of SVPER ORDINARY, but also Denver’s expanding creative culture and growing appreciation for both art and design.